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Factual Promise

Wonderful Designs

We promise that we will provide you with excellent floral designs, for all kinds of occasions. Our designs are highly recommended by our customers. Our florists make sure that they are fulfilling the requests of our customers, when it comes to the aesthetics of flower arrangements. We promise that we will not just settle for mediocre outputs, but instead, we will do our best to achieve the best output that all customers deserve.

We are accommodating

We promise that all your requests and inquiries will be accommodated to the best of our abilities. We can accommodate all types of orders that suit all your preferences and needs. You can call us at 0194 983 9371 to know more about our offerings and we promise to accommodate all your calls. We have friendly and competent delivery staff to send your flower orders with a warm smile.

Professional Assistance

If you need professional help when it comes to choosing the right floral designs and arrangements, we can lend a hand. Our florists have professional expertise in this field and we promise that we will provide the best advice for you. We can guide you in choosing the right flower design and flower arrangement that you need.

Full-Scale Service

If you want us to take care of the installation and the removal of flower setups, we promise that we can always do that. We have polite, hardworking, and competent staff who are very qualified to do the job.

Punctual Delivery

We promise that we will deliver all your flower orders on time. We ensure the quality and efficiency of our delivery. We always ensure the punctuality of our delivery because we want you to enjoy every celebration you have. We want to be a part of your event’s success, thus, we promise to meet deadlines all the time.

Fresh Blooms Guaranteed

Zinnia Floral promise that we will provide fresh blooms that all our customers deserve. We will provide the loveliest flowers arranged in a very creative way. Freshness makes the flowers more beautiful. Hence, we always make sure to provide you only the fresh and the best quality of flowers you truly deserve.